New Programs:

Creating the Ultimate Marketing Plan - the name says it all but this is a more advanced program for those reporting to senior management.

The Trouble with Advertising – for teams that develop their own advertisements. Takes a critical look at existing ads – the good, the bad, the truly ugly and offers ideas for making better use of this valuable resource. Exercises to write tag lines and head lines.

Leasing Training – This can be basic training or the usual of basic intertwined with more advanced behaviors which will guarantee not only results but that your team will stand head and shoulders above the rest in their market. Contact Tracey directly to determine where you want the extra emphasis but expect full blown training from starting their day, telephone skills all the way to their role in resident service. This the most requested training program.

Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts
(1 - 4 Hours)
Take a moment to look at your property as if it is the first time you are seeing it. How does it compare with the other guys? How do you compete even if you’re property isn’t the newest or with the most amenities? Can you have great marketing presence without spending a fortune? This session will answer those questions and more. Advertising effectiveness is crucial to consumer perception and making the most of your dollars. We will look at several types of ads and discuss tips on making sure your advertisements are read and get response.

Repositioning is the wave of the coming years as markets are bulging with new product. The property that invests their dollars in a way that the consumer buys in to its new position will stand head and shoulders over the competition. Evaluate pictures of actual renovations and determine how your community can benefit from these stories. You will definitely get a JUMPSTART on this leasing season by putting these ideas to use!

“I haven’t had one minute since our convention to communicate with you, but I could not allow your stellar performance to go unmentioned. Your opening session was absolutely fabulous! You received one of the highest rated evaluations that we have ever received at an annual convention, and we only invite the most prominent industry speakers. The comments from your session were wonderful, people could not say enough about your great ideas. In fact, we conducted participant introductions before the afternoon session began by asking everyone to introduce themselves and share one new idea from your morning session. EVERY person in the room shared a completely unique idea with the exception of only 2 or 3 duplications!!! What a compliment! The only ‘complaint’ that our people voiced was to wish that your session had been a full day.

Thank you for helping to make our Marketing Convention a tremendous success, and for energizing our minds and those of our people with exciting new ideas that can be implemented and practiced immediately. You are an absolute STAR!”

Best wishes to your continued success,
Brenda Coons
National Marketing Director

Through the Looking Glass…A View of Market Responsiveness
Full Day Program
Prevent drastic drops in occupancy and learn to be proactive. Since 1968, most markets have experienced as many as five downturns in the overall occupancy. Learn the signs to watch for and how to determine variations. From third party research companies to the national newspapers, what information will you need to predict changes in your market?

Analyze your position in your submarket and discover how to improve it with value enhancement and perception changing ideas. Who really is your competition and what do you need to know about them?

Walk away with a template form for use when evaluating the property’s sales and marketing effectiveness. Your findings will unveil weak links and we will discuss proactive ways to strengthen those weaknesses.

Advertising effectiveness will be covered with many ideas on making the most of your advertising dollars. You will also receive several marketing campaign ideas that are ready for implementation.

We will discuss strategies to maintain higher occupancy including; future leasing, responsive pricing, lease / policy management, product merchandising and service performance. 

Writing a marketing plan will be easy once you evaluate, prepare and implement. Packed with ideas, this session could be the key to your success in a softening or unstable market.

Traffic Generators for any Market
(1 - 3 hours)
What does it take to really drive traffic to your site? This session will explore curb appeal, marketing campaigns, print and Internet advertising as well as many, many ideas that work in almost every market. Walk away with ideas on marketing with little or no money as well as making the most of the dollars you have budgeted. Some time will be spent on increasing your advertising effectiveness as well as having all the basics covered in order to create excellent word of mouth advertising. It's always a combination of efforts and vehicles that successfully drive traffic - this session will help you define which combination is right for your property.

Writing an Effective Marketing Plan
(1 - 4 hours)
There is rarely any training offered for those who are responsible for writing marketing plans which explains why there is no specific format used universally. This program will cover the necessary components for writing an executive level marketing plan and emphasis on the need for it's application to "come to life" in order to be effective.

What kinds of preparation should one do prior to writing? What types of things does the boss want to see when there are dozens to review? Is it ok to change the plan once it is in place? These questions will be answered and more in this informative session. Participants will walk away with a template to use as a base when designing their company specific plan outline.

Marketing Made Easy
For on-site Managers (1 - 3 hours)
Look at your community through the eyes of the customer. Are you putting forth your best effort? How is your advertising compared to your competitors? Are you improving your property as it ages and increasing value where possible?

In this informative session, managers will learn how to determine why their occupancy isn't consistently 95%. Tips will be given for both basic and advanced marketing management. Industry benchmarks will be covered as a measuring tool as well as direction on where to look when there is a problem.

The Management of Marketing
 (2 - 4 hrs.)
This in-depth session will put you on the right track to managing the marketing function. You'll learn how to develop solid strategies that ensure concentrated action. Save time and resources you might waste on "hit-or-miss" activities. Complete with marketing systems and tools that you can take back and use now. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a new marketing director, you're sure to gain guidance, creative insight and fresh solutions to common challenges.

The Competitive Strategy
(2 - 4 hours)

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding; and in the case of apartment marketing, that means how well your community performs in the face of competition. It takes more than a good plan and great strategies. What you need is a decided competitive edge which you will discover and learn to use in this exciting session. It's packed with real-world examples, covering: understanding the relationship between your management and marketing plans and strategies; assessing your competitors and identifying opportunities; creating a competitive marketing strategy; resident-focused marketing; identifying the factors involved in market segmentation; community and services positioning; portfolio models, analysis and strategies for resource allocation; the art of competitive analysis; strategic decision making, implementation and control.

Geared toward site managers and multi-site managers - typically considered an advanced program. Can be a half day presentation or a full day workshop. The program was designed and presented at the Brainstorming Sessions tm in Reno, Nevada in 2002

Web Site Marketing Essentials

For those who have or are considering having a unique web site for their property or company. Allow Tracey Hopkins to lead you through the necessary marketing process to Maximize your Internet Exposure in an informative and interesting manner. Your web address will be your phone number in the coming years. Learn ways to get more traffic to your web site and moving on site! This session is not for techies who want technical information. There is nothing about cookies, spider food or any other info only a web site designer would love.

  • You will walk away with enough knowledge to get a jumpstart on your Web Site Marketing Program
  • Benefits of Internet Marketing and Internet Traffic
  • Essentials for Property Web Sites
  • Ideas to drive resident use / services
  • Marketing your Web Site

Performance Essentials for Training and Marketing Directors

The average marketing or training director is usually spread so thin they are transparent! Do you have more duties than any one SUPERSTAR can physically handle? This session is designed to help you work smarter not harder by using the tool and resources you have now as well as exploring new ones. Learn how to create marketing evaluations with an easy to follow guideline format, make the most of your advertising campaign, design shops that coach rather than criticize, how to conduct quick and easy market analysis and more! • Phone: 972-523-9154

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