New Programs:

Change Management – no one likes change but in this program, Tracey will assist in opening the minds of your team to get ready for change and be happy about it.

Leading Edge Strategies for a Changing Market – The examples in this program are all from outside the industry. The program is designed for those who bring the changes to the table – the free thinkers or idea people that help drive the changes for the company.

The Art of Possibility Thinking – This program encourages those who feel stuck in a rut and also sets the tone for company meetings and conventions.

Train the Marketer - For Regional Marketing Directors, newly promoted National Marketing Directors or VP’s of Marketing. Shadow training that would involve a skills assessment, strategic and tactical problem solving techniques, networking and partnering with vendors, how to write a marketing plan, how to read a market, presentation skills, data analysis, time management and much more. The training would be tailored after a preliminary interview with company leaders on what they need from the position, interview with select sites on what they need and a review of the position expected. This training can be as short or as long as needed – from one week to an ongoing coaching situation where once the initial train9ing is performed; the trainee may have weekly or monthly coaching calls to review challenges and activities and how to approach them. This training can also be performed with Leasing Directors, On-Site Marketing Directors, New Lease Up Specialists and Training Directors.

Leasing Team Meeting – A one hour motivational / training meeting to help motivate and drive the leasing professionals to better performance. Advanced skills can be trained as well as how to manage their positions like a consummate professional.

Lighten Up!

This may come as a surprise, but fun and work are not contradictory ideas. It is possible to have fun while growing your career. In fact, people who bring joy into their daily work are more likely to be resilient under pressure, calm, productive, healthy and liked by employees as well as employers. People who know how to have fun at work are better managers and receive more promotions.  Don’t miss this lighthearted event. You’ll discover how to take yourself lightly while taking your work seriously.

"This was a really great session!! Thanks for making me laugh, it was a real pick me up!"
"Let's all Lighten Up with each other and ourselves.  It was such a fun session that I intend to request more like this.

"Tracey was very enthusiastic and I just wish everyone could be that 'live' all day!"
"This was a great seminar because it reminded me to show my best self everyday!"

“It was a reminder on how we need to treat each other. When work gets hectic I think we all can get a little selfish, caring only about what’s going on in our own
little corners.”

Sensational Service!

This humorous yet informative session will look at the philosophies of service-focused companies. Take a behind-the-scenes look at:
  • How Nordstrom created “fabled service”
  • The secrets of service behind the Mansion on Turtle Creek, the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons
  • How Southwest Airlines uses humor to communicate tough subjects to customers

Do you know the key factors that make or break service perception? You will after this seminar! Tracey has taken many of these ideas and translated them into the property management industry.

"As you are certainly aware, as you were also in attendance, the seminar was both motivational and encouraging. I am using it as a spring board to renew my focus on my own personal positive attitude and help keep our company a good place to work, hopefully not only for myself, but maybe for a few of those around me."

"It was a reminder on how we need to treat each other. When work gets hectic I think we all can get a little selfish, caring only about what's going on in our own little corners."

"I thank Elaine so much for encouraging me to attend and to Tracey for being so uplifting and motivating. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope we can get the rest of the department to attend a similar session."

"I took the time today to spend 3 hours in Client Service Training. Although it was time consuming, and my first inclination was to skip it and stay at my desk, I must say it was helpful in both the information presented and also in helping me address my personal attitude (which has been in a little slump lately). I hope all of you internal clients see a difference in me going forward."

Executive Officer for Archon Group • Phone: 972-523-9154

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