Jumpstart Leasing Workshop
Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the industry, this seminar workshop will set you up to succeed. Participants will learn about today’s savvy customer, what qualities make a great leasing professional, how to put together an effective leasing notebook and what market knowledge is necessary. Without excellent telephone skills, leasing success happens by accident. This session will cover in depth some ways to handle the many instances that happen over the phone as well as demonstrate some 100% effective skills that no one can afford to miss. It’s important to make guests feel welcome with warm greetings and rapport building qualifying skills. Those skills will be taught with reasons why they are so important. Demonstrating, closing and following up are no less important and given great emphasis. We will touch on effective customer service attitudes as well as what to do when the customer is angry.

This session is typically a 6 – 7 hour course with corresponding notebook and resources.

Leasing With Influence…Beyond the Basics
These days, no one likes to be sold to. They prefer to make informed decisions on their own and need from leasing professionals all the necessary information. This session will go beyond the basic sales strategies and covers taking responsibility for having a prepared product, merchandising that product and then presenting it in a way that demonstrates vast market and product knowledge. Time will be spent on exploring the best Internet leasing strategies as well as some basic marketing that will improve your overall success. Time will be spent on determining your property’s competitive advantage and how to future lease so that you always have a waiting list. This program is better suited for those who have been leasing for a while and just need to update their skills.

This session is typically a 6- 7 hour course with corresponding notebook and resources.

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