Tracey Hopkins, Professional Presenter & Chief Jumpstarter

Summary of Services

This role is to assist asset managers or developers in the marketing direction of assets needing to be repositioned or redeveloped and their feasibility.

  • Property Marketing JumpstartProperty Marketing Jumpstart – for properties in need of immediate traffic or occupancy results. Includes a visit to site to meet with manager and review product, market study, leasing review, advertising review and marketing plan review. Expect ideas on everything from personnel, training, objective eye on physical plant or property, resident services, promotional ideas, pricing and whatever it is that is holding your site from reaching and exceeding it’s GPI.
  • Competitive Market Evaluation and Study: Capture and analyze current market conditions, overall market, target market demographics, outline current market price structure, outline competitive amenity package. Additionally prepare market overview notebook for on-site team complete with advertising tear sheets, merchant interviews, brokers, other property management personnel to understand present perception of market and of current product position, present written or verbal reports of the study. May also include site consultation on feasibility of marketing success based on operators future plans, convenience to renters, visibility and neighborhood desirability.
  • Product Concept and Design; Tracey will coordinate and participate in meetings with developer, architects, designers and management (All participating parties) on current issues, areas that can be redeveloped with an upside for return, floor plan issues and solutions, leasing center re-design and layout, amenity and common areas re-design or construction, landscape and lighting package design and coordination as it relates to overall concept.  This portion includes strategies for lease down and lease up based on the owner’s / developer’s needs.
  • Marketing Packaging / Media Plans / Creative Direction which will include completion of marketing and advertising budget, definition of the unique selling position, participati8on in renaming of the project, selection of creative design / advertising firm which includes the supervision of all e-brochures and digital marketing, liaison between development team and advertising firm, direction of creative statement to all marketing and design efforts, selection of interior designer and supervision of all efforts, direction of logo design, all marketing collateral and web site design, selection of signage company and direction of signage package creation and installation. Also includes consultations with owners with owners on budget and production issues as well as bi-monthly progress reports.
  • Advertising direction / leasing campaign / team skill development which includes the development of leasing bonus structure to avoid poi8nt of depletion situations, direct all advertising efforts including rate / contract negotiation, assist in coordinating grand opening / reopening, direct leasing efforts to ensure rapid lease up schedule, consult on preleasing campaign, assist with the selection of leasing team, training to evaluate and prepare team, consult on rent / special issues with team, create a public relations campaign with area merchants, plan open house events for locators, brokers and city officials, development of leasing incentive contest to motivate leasing team and monthly leasing training to increase skill of team and to motivate.
  • Marketing Plan will be a roadmap for management to follow with the year of public relations and resident social activities planned. Includes marketing activities needed to maintain occupancy as well as a resident retention plan for existing desired residents. The Marketing Plan can be as an overview with outline format or be an intensive “How-to as well as Need to do”. Contact Tracey specifically to identify the needs of the project.

Market Study - Thorough study into subject’s market with an overview of employment growth, school system, major employers and proximity to major transportation, employment and shopping centers.  This study includes neighborhood and market information as well as individual in depth, comparable studies.  Rents are sorted by unit type, the amenities are spread on a matrix and recommendations are made based on the owner’s strategy to purchase, reposition, sell or hold the asset.

Liaison with Interior Design – Study comps to understand what it takes to achieve product differential.  Share with and work closely with designers to ensure product is competitive, offers value and an upside on the investment.  Includes consultation on concept, furniture and finish selections for leasing center and clubhouse, unit specs and upgrade recommendations.

Advertising Effectiveness Review – Thorough review of all advertising efforts, design critique, review of effectiveness versus cost, recommendations on design, campaigns and resources.  A report will be provided that will include what top competitors are doing by way of media advertising.  Included as well are Internet shops and the results with recommendations.  The type of package sent by the property to the shopper will be evaluated – again with recommendations.

Property Naming – An in depth study of the existing or proposed community will be completed which includes; market research, comparable review, research of what’s indigenous as well as a meeting of the minds to understand the asset’s position and proforma.  Approximately 15 names that would be appropriate will be pitched.

Telephone Training - Any of Tracey’s programs can be conducted via a conference call with as few or as many participants as you desire. She uses tools to engage callers in a way that encourages them to speak their questions, concerns and issues. Contact Tracey for pricing and program selection.

New Construction Consulting - Tracey has limited availability on ynew developments, please contact Tracey via cell phone: 972-523-9154  

THE Solutions Expert - Believe it.  In a day to day and a ½ (depending on the nature of the problem) Tracey will visit the property, team, market and comps to determine where the weaknesses are on any type property in any and every market.  The best way to use her for this type of service is to schedule a district manager or regional manager to be there for the last part of the visit.  In that time she will outline a task list needed and strategies that will get results.  While she is happy to complete a follow up report after the visit, she will charge a great deal more for that.  With the standard daily rate she will offer up a summary of the visit that isn’t in as great detail as the report would be.  

Another great benefit to using her for solutions is that she will offer her services on retainer for calls or visits on a continuing basis. • Phone: 972-523-9154

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